Subject  Is it possible to study for basic?
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This is CG language school in Cebu.

There is no end to learn English. We recommend that you start studying from Basic English.

If your English skill is good, then you don't need the training decision.

CG language school separates basic to advance. We help students by training to recognize their level objectively with a sub-specialized level composition.

Then your improvement of your English skill is faster than others.

The purpose of Philippine training is to reduce nauseous of foreigners and to improve their abilities through man to man class.

Nowadays, there are many exams that require speaking skill. So if you want to prepare for your English tests, you may improve more your English skills as you focus on studying.

Follow our curriculum and you will be able to have the successful training achievements clearly through preparation and review, if you have a self-management.
Thank you.

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