Subject  How to use currency exchange?
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1. Credit card

If you want to use a credit card, you should first check what you can use it for.

If you withdraw money in pesos in the Philippines, the money will be withdrawn in your Korean account after calculating the rates. At that time, commission will be added around 2~8%.

When you are busy, you can feel comfortable by using this card, if you prepare 1~2 cards.

Always, you can use it at the big department stores and hotels.


2. International debit card

The Citi bank's commission is the cheapest.

The best way is that students don't often withdraw money. 

If your parents and friends deposit money, students can withdraw money from their account by using near ATM.

However, ATM can have a problem. At that time, you need to use it where you can check more exact information.


3. Currency exchange

In Korea, you need to be ready to exchange USD for Pin money and the money to be paid for Visa and SSP.

If you prepare a 100-dollar bill, it is comfortable for the administration and currency exchange (company?).

In department store, you can exchange money. It is better than at airport because preferential rates are less than in department store.

If you want to know other information, please call our Seoul office or connect to the home page.

Thank you.

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