Subject  My CG Life~
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Until a month ago. I thought that having extended the CG course from 14 weeks to 20 weeks was the worst decision I ever made but it actually turned out to be exactly the opposite. 
Now I am almost leaving and I remember a lot of things I have experienced in the Philippines.
I can tell everything has been changed. Even climate was changed. I remember how humid it was when I arrived at the airport. However, it's already cool enough. Of course, the most impressively changed thing is my English speaking skill. 
Before I came here I couldn't imagine that I talk to foreigners spontaneously in English and I always had to prepare what I wanted to say in advance. As I have had classes with so kind teachers. my extremely lower self-confidence in speaking English started to be enhanced. 
Although it was also very difficult for me to think both organizing sentences grammatically right and what I had to say, due to my thoughtful teachers' patience and support, I was able to accelerate my speed to speak. 

In addition, it is the frist time for me to live abroad for a long time especially alone. So I was a little afraid of going out even to Gaisano first, but yesterday when I went out to celebrate and enjoy the biggest festival in Cebu, the sinulog, I felt so comfortable as if this was my real hometown. 
Furthermore, nowadays, I have usually forgotten that teachers are foreigners to me for they already became my priceless friends. They have listened to my things and tried to help me anytime as long as they can. I think filipinos are so kind and almost all time they smile to me that I cannot help loving this country so much.
Lastly here is the most valuable thing I got here. That is my beloved batch mates.
Since I'm staying here for 5 months, I had to send my first batch mates off with tears in the middle of my duration. I think that was the hardest time ever in CG because we spent innumerable and unforgettable moments together by traveling many places and sharing daily things everytime. So that's why I was severely depressed when I found out that they really left. 
But fortunately the good thing is that I was able to overcome this hardship by meeting my new batch mates. It was not that easy for me to give them affection at first while I was still missing my first bach mates so much. However, as I realized that they were really caring about me, I couldn't close my heart anymore but just be their friend who can really help their lives and give much useful information here.
I will never forget these memories regardless of whether it was good or harsh and I also hope for the Philippines not to have any disasters forever!

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This is Sally from CG

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