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After I came here, I had hard time adjusting CG life. I used to complain about everything. But I knew that it was just excuses to go back to Korea. Since I couldn't meet my family and friends, I was very lonely. The reason is that Staying abroad to study English was first time. However, since I met three teachers, I have been happy. My life was changed. Of course, CG life is not easy for me but there are many things that I gained during CG life.


Fist of all, I overcame phobia of fear. Since I was a little kid, I have been afraid of darkness. When I had lived alone in Seoul to study English, I always turned on the light overnight. After I came here, I confronted that situation. At first, I just switched on the light during sleeping. But It made me very tired and I couldn't endure it. As time went by, I can sleep well in darkness.


Second, I met three teachers who have a sweet-heart and lots of affection. If I didn't meet them, I couldn't have stayed well in CG. Before I met three teachers, I was very depressed. But after I studied with them, many changes happened in my CG life. The exact thing is that my teachers and I must be crazy. hahahaha.

Jam - She looks like a animation character. She likes following Korean words and is already good at understanding Kroean. She has a habit of making sounds "kkkk, chokchokchok".


Jessa - She needs a boyfriend these days. So, if someone has a good man for her, please introduce to her. She really likes connecting couple in her students. The best merit that she has is she is a good dancer.


Jenny - We have lots of things in common. She is a christian the same as me and our major is nursing. I'm a little taller than her. These days, she follows my gestures and my speech "As you know, As everyone know"

Third, In terms of studying, I learned many things in their class. I studied English while enjoying. I have poor pronunciation. My teachers were tying to fix it. The worst problem is that I can't pronounce "would" until now. I hope that before I arrive at the airport in Korea, I will be able to pronounce that word. Comparable to first class, I can make sentences quicker than before and I can communicate with teachers spontaneously.

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