Subject  Dear teacher Jam
Date  2019-02-09 15:35:21 Views  387

Before reading my letter, please promise to me that you won't cry! 

Hi, Jam. You're my original teacher. Did you remember that day when I whined about going back to Korea? whenever I recall that day, I am ashamed. Looking back, there was no problems in CG. What I meant is that all complaints which I made were just excuses to go back to Korea. I wanted someone to know my concerns. The funniest thing is that I was very serious at that time. I felt like that I'm the most miserable person in the world. You know what? I packed my baggage while crying. And four hours later, I unpacked my baggage. I must be a psycopath. hahahaha.. That's why we are sooooooo close with each other. But, sometimes I regretted that behavior. I was absent from six classes the day when I decided go back to Korea and then I gained 35 points penalty. Because of my crazy behavior, I couldn't help attending the classes even when I wasn't feeling well. How stupid am I!!!!!!^_^


I think that you are the most talkative teacher in CG. So, I like your personality and the way you teach me and I really enjoy your class for 2 months. 

I also feel that you still have a little hard time losing your weight. So do I. I want you to lose weight because a woman who is sitting in her chair in the picture before she gained weigh is soooooooo beautiful. (but, you are still beautiful and cute now.) When I saw your picture, I was very amazed. I really thought that she in picture is your nephew. After I go back to Korea, I will try to go to gym. JAM!!!!!! JOIN TOGETHER!!!!!! We have got to send each other the message by kakaotalk. 


Whenever I listen to your speech in Korean, I am surprised. You are already good at speaking Korean. It makes me laugh. Please give me your chip about English skills. If I have it, I will feel like that I live in the heaven. heehee. and then I don't have to go to Korea now! I am sure that you can become a public school teacher! Not just teacher, I mean that you can become a real teacher who has lots of affection. When students have troubles, you advise them to do something good like parents. And you can play a role as a their friends whenever you get along with and make fun of them. I really envy students who can learn English from you. The students who meet you in the future thank to you and will never forget you. I give you one warning! Jam! I know that saying goodbye is very difficult for every person. also me. I think you are very sad whenever you confront this situation. I want you not to be hurt a lot. But, I don't mean that you have to get used to it. 

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