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Personal postscript of CG Life


I'm a Korean student who took 12-week course in CG. Before I decided to go to Philippines, I was really concerned about the life in foreign land because it was the first time to go abroad. However, after spending some time, I thought it was unnecessary anxiety. I spent great time in there, so I want to let the people know who is agonizing whether to go or not. I want to write in details about the daily routine, facilities. etc.


The first day, when I arrived at the airport, hot and humid climate made me realized that I reached in Philippines. When I came out of the airport exit, I can see a lot of signs and people to find their students and customers. It was easy to find 'CG' sign. Student manager was really friendly and he explained CG life and Cebu life shortly in the car. About 30 minutes from airport, I arrived in the academy. I had worried about the safety in Cebu, but after I saw the guards who protects the academy, I could relieve my mind.


The first thing to do in academy was level test and orientation. In the morning, I got a listening, reading, writing and speaking test. The test was quite difficult for me, so I was frustrated at first. After lunch, there was an orientation and it took about 4hours. After orientation we went to Gaisano mall. If you will study in this academy, you will go Gaisano mall frequently. It is like small 'Homeplus' in Korea. It took about 5 to 10minutes from academy. The best thing I enjoyed in this mall was 'Buko shake' in the first basement level. You must drink that shake. After shopping, I got my test result. I got middle beginner at first. After 3month, I could receive middle intermediate. I think that's because of the hard training system. I took sparta course. It consisted of the 4hours man to man classes, 4hours group classes, 1 hour evening class. After classes, I had to take vocabulary test and write essay. That's not the end. Finally, I had self-study time for 2 hours. The course started at 8 am and finished at 10pm. It was really hard to adapt at first but after 2 weeks, I had an interest in English. I could change classes that I want to take by my voca test score. That system allowed me to select classes according to my taste. Also, teachers respected my opinion what to study in the class.


Also, I want to talk about the facilities. I was really satisfied with that point. Dormitory was a two-story house painted by violet color. I lived in double room. There were two beds, two desks closet and air conditioner. Also, in my room, there was a balcony. So, I could dry wet clothes out in the sun. Cleaning and laundry service was really convenient. After my request, staff members performed quickly. I think students will be afraid of the weather but, I put on long sleeves inside the academy because of the air conditioner.

The menu in the dining room was also not bad to me. I heard rice was not sticky so it will hard to eat. But for me, the food was little bit salty. Sometimes, I miss the menu in CG because it served variety foods. So, many students always ran to the dining room to eat earlier than others.

Finally, I think Swimming pool is the best facility in the academy. After self-study time, I could enjoy swimming in the pool. The depth was moderate and water was really clean. Swimming pool allowed us not only cool down our body heat but also helped to solve our stress.

I could make a lot of good memories in CG. On weekdays, I studied really hard. and on weekends, I traveled and hung around a lot. It became my great asset and memory. So if you are worried about to go here, Don't hesitate in upgrading your life! I miss my mates, teachers, staff members and office managers a lot!

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dear teacher Jam
This is Sally from CG

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