CG Academy

5 Advantages of CG
We’ve been striving to cultivate men of talent who can speak English and develop our exclusive education system since CG Academy was established in 2004. When it comes to English education, the fact that only the best teachers work In CG Academy is one of our pride. Moreover, all new teachers receive training Through a native teacher who has a USA formal teacher’s certificate.
CG Academy has different courses such as Sparta-Style curriculum and lectures for English tests in Sparta Campus, also Semi-Sparta-Style curriculum and ESL course, and so on in Banilad Campus. You can study on any course which is suitable for your purpose.
Regardless of nationality, we offer a buffet-style meal that considers taste and health. We organized special day menus once a week to add the enjoyment of the meal It offers about 20 different menus per meal from Monday to Friday, and provide nutritious meals Including fruits and juice with an island bar.
Currently, students from diverse countries such as Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and, Mongolian stay together in CG Academy. Don’t miss out on a good chance to practice English with them and learn different cultures from them.
CG Academy, boasting a team of best instructors employs teachers who are capable of providing excellent assistance to students. All instructors undergo management and evaluation through managers and supervisors, and they are dedicated to self-management and self-development. The instructors at CG are eagerly awaiting your arrival!