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Diverse Group Class
Diverse Group Class

By conducting small-group classes with a maximum ratio of 1:4, instead of large-group classes, we enable students to concentrate more on their studies and participate in a friendly and intimate learning environment. Furthermore, we provide a diverse range of subjects, allowing students to choose according to their study purposes. a

Global Business English (Native Speaker)
You practice business job interviews, polite expressions, understanding how to develop business documents, presentations, etc.
American English Conversation (Native Speaker)
Learners study functional grammar, useful vocabulary and common American expressions spoken in everyday life.
Daily Expression Survival English
You get access to more English key words, phrases, expressions, and strategies on how to handle a problem.
Listening or watching the current news & issues from across the globe is the main focus wherein you are exposed to social issues and various terminologies.
Learners watch movies and dramas and know how to correctly use the words and phrases.
Debate & Argumentation
"MAKE YOUR POINT" speaking activities on everyday themes and controversial issues help you build your confidence and sharpen more the idea created in your minds.
Forms Of Listening
You are provided with structural patterns that will help themselves grasp information, thus determining your listening skills
Public Speaking Speech Communication
This subject helps you develop your confidence and fluency in a deliberate manner, intended to inform, influence or entertain the listeners.
Creative Writing
You are trained to use correct grammar, broaden your imagination and write your own unique letters.
Oral Conversation Listening
The communicative approach involves you in real communication as often as possible, and teaches listening strategies that can be applied outside the classroom, in real-life situations.
Supplementary English
In this course, you will be provided with the vital parts of the English Language such as phrasal verbs, useful expressions & idioms.
Fundamental Guide To Effective Writing
This helps you to generate writing topics while providing guided practice of appropriate vocabulary and grammar.
Intensive Approach To The New TOEIC Listening
This course aims you to improve the TOEIC LC part scores and also practice your listening skills.
Tactics For TOEIC Speaking
This is designed to measure and improve you're ability to communicate in spoken English and helps you get a high score in the TOEIC Speaking exam.
Intensive IELTS Preparation Course
This course aims to prepare you with the skills and strategies needed to undertake the IELTS test with the confidence and to succeed in the IELTS examination.